November 6, 1998

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Have you seen Maddie?

Lakewood 8-year-old missing; last seen Tuesday in her yard
Police have ended their neighborhood search for an 8-year-old girl who disappeared from her front yard two days ago and will concentrate on following leads.

A neigbhor of Maddie Clifton's has confirmed that police interviewed him for eight hours on Wednesday -- the day after the child disappeared -- and have talked to him a total of ten times.

Larry Grisham says he failed a lie detector test, but insists he has nothing to hide. Grisham told with NewsChannel 4 he was chipping golf balls in his yard Tuesday, when Maddie told him she was going to go home to get more balls, and he never saw her again.

Arrest records given to News Channel 4 by police show Grisham was arrested almost 20 years ago in two seperate incidents for sexual battery. In both cases, one in 1979 and the other in 1982, the charges were dropped.

Dozens of volunteers are already returning to to the south Jacksonville neighborhood Friday morning to help. Police do not plan to be in the neighborhood and will not have flyers available for the volunteers.

Madlyn Rae Clifton, known as Maddie, was last seen about 5:30 p.m. Tuesday. Her parents have posted a $50,000 reward for their child's safe return.

Firefighters, police, and about 400 volunteers spent Wednesday dragging ponds, searching through brush, knocking on doors and passing out fliers.

Lt. Mark Foxworth, police homicide detective, said investigators did not have any evidence that someone may have kidnapped the girl.

If you've seen Maddie Clifton or have any information about her disappearance, call the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office at 630-0500.
"We are not looking at this right now as an abduction or sexual abduction," Foxworth said Wednesday night. "This child simply could have walked away. We just don't know right now."

"As time passes, it becomes more possible that foul play was involved," he said.

Fliers with the girl's picture are on display at businesses on Jacksonville's southside. The family has also posted an online version of the flyer on the Web.

Thanks to the World Wide Web, eyes on the lookout for Maddie Clifton are now scattered across the state and the nation. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children plans to have Maddie's picture on their website by Thursday evening... and the Missing Children's Help Center in Florida has already posted it. And the family is hoping the get Maddie's story on national television, including this weekend's edition of America's Most Wanted.

NewsChannel 4 is covering the search for Maddie day and night. We'll have updates on the search in each newscast today.

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