The end of the trial doesn't mean we can see all of the evidence... but much of it has now been released.

Search warrant.And the more we learn about Joshua Phillips -- a seemingly all-American 14-year old at the time of the murder -- the more troubling this case becomes.

From the very beginning of the investigation, police and prosecutors were concerned about Joshua Phillips sexual preoccupations.. and his potential obsession with Maddie Clifton's sister, Jessica.

In search warrant documents for the teenager's home and locker at school.... a clearer, more disturbing picture emerges of what investigators were paying very close attention to. They were searching for any photographs sexually suggestive in nature, pictures of Maddie or Jessica, telephones, computer games or anything else showing the 15-year old's obsession with the Clifton sisters.

We now know investigators did not have to look for these signs of troubling behavior. On Phillips' own nightstand.. a crumpled photo of Jessica in a leotard.. stolen from the Clifton's home.

Sexual material on his computer.But what was found in his personal computer is very graphic. There were thousands of different files.. many for computer games. But many also for sexual internet sites.. a good number of them violent.. images of women in pain.. with titles like "Cheerleader Torture, "The First and Best Sex Crimes Site," and "Nazi Sex Slaves."

Plus.. hundreds of pictures of young girls.. nude and in provocative positions. Computer records even show that Phillips was looking at those websites inside his bedroom.. an hour or two before Maddie Clifton was killed.. also inside his bedroom.

Also.. released testimony show that just hours after Phillips confessed to police.. his parents were interviewed by prosecutors.

Question to Melissa Phillips.. his mother: "Did he play much with Maddie?" Her answer: "No, not her specifically."

A question to Steve Phillips, his father: "Has he ever expressed an interest in either one of the little girls you thought was unusual?" Answer: "No."Joshua Phillips

Plus.. the words from a now-convicted teenage murderer. It's a handwritten letter by Phillips.. with an illustration.. to whom it's not known... maybe his parents, the Clifton, possibly Maddie herself..

"I'm so sorry."He writes: "I didn't think about the situation. I was stupid and only thought about what trouble I'd be in even though it was an accident.. I made a huge mistake.. I'm so sorry.. I can only be for your forgiveness."

A horrible mistake.. a brutal crime.. he'll have the rest of his life in prison to think about.

We also learn from documents just released that Steve Phillips, the teenager's father, had just arrived at his house after a frantic call from his wife and was taken from there to police headquarters.

During that drive, he heard a news bulletin on the radio in the police car saying his house had become a crime scene and that his son had become a prime suspect in Maddie's death.

That's how a father first found out.. his son could be a killer.